Our Services

Energy Solutions

Planning and installation

As a world-class solutions provider, Glob-All Power Solutions provides a proven portfolio of installation services to ensure your critical power systems are designed and delivered to the highest standards. Carried out by our team of highly experienced and certified engineers, our service offering provides comprehensive project management, from initial site surveys to expert installation and Pro Care™ commissioning to get your systems up and running smoothly, safely and swiftly whatever their size and whatever the application.

Maintenance, Repair and Upgrades

Whether it’s a solar installation or a UPS custom designed for your critical applications, Glob-All Power Solutions deliver fast, cost-effective and efficient servicing wherever you are whenever you need it through our certified technical network.

Our Competency

  • Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in conducting technical and operation evaluation and improvement through applying various types of analysis tools such as skill flexibility study, machine productivity study, mould change analysis, unscheduled down time analysis, overall equipment analysis, process setup analysis, material utilization analysis, line layout analysis, labour productivity, production efficiency, ratio delay analysis, ECN analysis, cost impact analysis, pilot run failure analysis, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in assessing skill competency of key technical staff such as product development, engineering, plastic injection mould design & fabrication, industrial engineering, plastic injection moulding, production, quality assurance, etc.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in implementing computerized manufacturing tools for operational efficiency enhancement
  • Extensive hands-on experience in delivering technical and operation evaluation and improvement consultancy for local and overseas industrial organizations in different geometrical locations
  • Extensive hands-on experience on spectacle frame testing service and related technical consultancy in compliance with ISO 12870, EN 16128, EN 12472, EN 1836, etc.

Telecommunications services

RF Planning and Optimization

In utilizing the top advanced simulators and planning tools used by highly experienced engineering teams, Glob-all Power Solutions is capable of designing the different radio access technologies GSM, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX and LTE for the various environments such like metropolitan, rural and indoor. On the other hand network audit and bench marking is one of our specialization since we have the dedicated engineers and teams to conduct the needed drive tests and data analysis.

Wireless Networks

Glob-all Power Solutions delivers partial or complete turnkey wireless telecom projects or services to licensed operators and service providers and corporate end users, to establish or enhance their network infrastructure. We can provide a full range of engineering, project roll- out management, operation & maintenance services that include:

  • Project planning / RF, transmission, civil and structural engineering
  • Site acquisition, zoning and permissions
  • Construction management
  • Site construction including furnishing of environmental facilities
  • Tower and antenna installation<
  • Telecom installation, commissioning, testing and integration of all network elements, from core to access including transport
  • Network parameter setting
  • Site on air verification
  • Network audits, bench marking and drive testing
  • Network optimization
  • Network acceptance
  • Field services maintenance
  • OSS support including performance alarm and configuration management
  • NMS operation

Telecom Deployment

Starting from project planning, Glob-all Power Solutions implementation activities cover a wide range of technologies and fields:

  • Microwave transmission implementation (Point to Point and Point to Multi Point) for the different technologies (PDH, Ethernet, WiMAX, etc....)
  • RF antenna system installation (Antennas, Antenna lines, RF equipments)
  • RAN Network Implementation, Commissioning and Integration (BTS/NodeB/eNB and BSC/ RNC/aGW)
  • Core network implementation ,Commissioning and integration (TSCM/MSC/MGW)
  • Network acceptance and quality audit
  • Field services maintenance
  • OSS support including performance alarm and configuration management
  • NMS operation
  • DC Power Supply Systems and Solutions

IP Networks & Infrastructure Cabling

Glob-all Power Solutions can design, deploy and upgrade networks of any bandwidth that meets your needs today, tomorrow and in the future. Good network design must recognize the requirements for business and technical goals, including availability, resilience, scalability, affordability, security, and manageability. Whether you are looking to build a LAN/WAN, redesign your current LAN/WAN, or are considering ways to optimise your current LAN/WAN infrastructure, Intletec can help. Glob- all Power Solutions enables businesses to be successful.