About us

We deliver sustainable

Energy Solutions

Glob-All Power Solutions Limited is a value added energy and engineering company focusing on specialized and complete water and energy solutions for SMBs, Government and Enterprise markets. Our main focus at Glob-All Power Solutions Limited is value, innovation and Sustainability. we cultivate relationships characterized by Integrity, mutual respect and a commitment to provide customized solutions and services of the highest value and efficiency.

We assist our end user client by proposing, designing, supplying and maintaining global energy solutions for local challenges. Glob-all Power Solutions Limited employs highly Skilled Personnel and focuses on providing complete power solutions for information, agricultural and life support services.

Our Team

Our team of energy experts comprises mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil & computer engineers. Glob-All Power Solutions is also an ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission) accredited Energy Services.

As part of this work we offer specialized Technical & Operation Evaluation & Improvement Consultancy. Our reason for existing is to harness our skills & experience to develop projects with strong value propositions for our clients that utilize sustainable energy- energy that is accessible, cleaner & more efficient- in order to conserve our natural resources and preserve the environment while promoting socio-economic development.